Fantastic help in drafting documents for my law practice. Jodi is proactive, a quick learner. After previous bad experiences with virtual assistants, working with Jodi has been a great experience that I hope to continue.  

Ben Rust,

Attorney at Law

I hired Jodi just as the COVID outbreak started.  We met the week before the Stay-in-Home order came through.  Then, my business really slowed.  However, Jodi has been instrumental in getting my database up and running, as well as putting in to place best practices.  If I have needed assistance with drafting, she has done that, as well.  And, she set up the templates for those documents.  She is very responsive and very thorough in her work.  Even with decreased revenue, I have continued to utilize her services because they have been invaluable in this time.

Tamara D. Block,
Attorney at Law

Jodi is a knowledgeable, efficient, and professional paralegal. I work with a number of contract paralegals, and Jodi is the only one I am currently comfortable having client-facing. Not only is she a fast learner and knowledgeable, but she has a great personality and professionalism that makes her a great representation of your business as well!

Rachel Schromen,

Schromen Law, LLC 

Jodi Dybsetter is hardworking, innovative and friendly. She always does a great job and goes above and beyond; she readily takes on tasks and is always looking for ways to improve a process or document.   I highly recommend her.


Sheila J. Kelly

Law Firm, LLC